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        Good News: TOFine Technology Holds Its NEEQ Listing Ceremony
        Source:ToFine SubTime:2017-11-09 Views:3908

        On Nov. 9, 2017, TOFine successfully held a bell-ringing ceremony for listing on NEEQ (stock name: TOFine Technology; stock code: 870051). The company’s Board Chairman Xu Chi, Deputy Board Chairman Liu Jun, Director Bu Yan, General Manager Chen Haidong, Deputy General Manager Zhang Qing, Board Secretary Yang Jie, agency representative Sun Kai attended the ceremony. Board Chairman Xu Chi gave a wonderful speech on behalf of the company.

        In his speech, Mr. Xu Chi said TOFine Technology’s listing marked the company’s entry into the capital market and a firm step toward the company’s grand vision of a “first-rate brand, 100-year TOFine, outstanding automation technology service provider in China”.

        After going public, depending on the rich industry experience, excellent technical strength, professional skills, experienced management team, TOFine Technology will continue to focus on the distribution of industrial automation products and equipment, industrial automation system integration and product R&D, continue to maintain and improve its influence and popularity in the industry, integrate excellent resources in the industry, to develop an ecosystem in the automation industry. At the same time, we will strictly follow the NEEQ rules and management requirements, maintain a high level of transparency and good corporate governance structure, stick to standard management, to repay our shareholders, customers and society with our future of sustained, stable, efficient and healthy development.

        At 9:43 a.m., Board Chairman Xu Chi rang the listing bell on behalf of TOFine Technology.

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