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        Packaging test solution for pharmaceutical production line

        Visual test system for hole filling quality丨TFMVS-YB

        The method can be applied to the test of tablets and capsules on the production line of aluminum-plastic packaging products such as food, medicine and industrial products, including the color, length, breakage, etc.; judge on-line whether the quality of vesicular hole, and whether a proper tablet or capsule is contained in the vesicular hole, and provide alarm for shutdown or the signal to remove defective products.

        Label code information automatic identification system丨TFMVS-M

        Judge whether the production information on medicine box, printed, jet printed and laser printed on the label is accurate.

        Bottle label pasting quality test system丨TFMVS-TB

        Judge whether the medicine bottle is pasted with a label, or whether the label is pasted correctly or not.

        Penicillin bottle rubber plug sealing quality test system丨TFMVS-JS

        Judge the rubber plug of penicillin bottle for jump plug of different degrees in the plugging process and before capping procedure, which may cause such defects as rubber plug missing, inclined and at high position, etc.

        Critical parameters

        On-line test speed can reach more than 600 bottles per minute;
        Test accuracy can be more than 99.5%.

        Visual inspection system for capping quality of penicillin bottle丨TFMVS-ZG

        Judge the quality of penicillin bottle after capping process, namely check whether the bottle is capped and the capping quality.

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