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        ToFine Operation
        By utilizing system software such as ERP, SCM, TBSS, OA, ToFine has accomplished the process for quick response to order and its business operation mechanism. Operational nodes from procurement to sell have all been integrated. Through the unified operation of the business operation platform, the whole process is paperless, and the fast and effective response of electronic data record and information resources sharing has been achieved.
        The modern operation warehouse with the coverage of 6000 square meters cooperates with professional logistics provider for the global distribution. ToFine has built a refined inventory management system and logistics distribution system, in order to have timely and effective delivery to the clients.
        Inventory management system: 6000-centiare-warehouse, Delicacy management
        Business handling mechanism: Quick response to client demand, Efficient order processing
        Logistics distribution system: High quality logistics service, Professional transportation and distribution
        Regional cooperative system: Regional stock, Regional inventory
        ToFine Service
        Business mode: whole series, omnibearing, whole cycle
        ◆ Whole-series: one-stop supply for whole series of automotive products
        ◆ Omnibearing: omni-directional integration in automated factory
        ◆ Whole cycle: whole-cycle nanny type service for automation project

        Business model: network, pool and platform
        “Platform” refers to the headquarters operating platform supported by powerful information technology, business, logistics and information.
        ToFine Sharing
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